What’s the point of a Balanced Lunch?

We’ve all heard the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” so what’s the point of having a balanced lunch and lunch?

Well, you probably already know that stopping for lunch is important for several reasons such as:

Be careful what you eat instead of eating fast and watch what we put in our mouth
Reduce stress and give yourself time to get away from tasks to reorganize your mind
Filling your body with the nutrients you need to complete the rest of the day’s tasks
The opportunity to do some exercise, even if it’s just getting up and walking away from the desk, it increases your incidental activity (exercise you do between daily tasks you do)
Improve morale and work relations with others because everyone has free time from work and time to refresh the mind
Something to look forward to in the morning

So if you get all of these amazing benefits just by stopping for lunch, what are the added benefits of a balanced lunch?

Well, after a nice breakfast, a well-balanced lunch is a great follow-up to making sure you’re meeting your energy and nutrient intake throughout the day. This ensures that you are refueling your body for what lies ahead throughout the day.

If you choose foods that make for a balanced lunch, you’ll find that you’re actually more energized for the rest of the day and may find that the tasks ahead are accomplished more easily than with an unbalanced lunch. This is especially true if you plan to hit the gym or work out after work.

A balanced lunch helps you meet your nutritional needs throughout the day. By making sure you choose a number of foods from a number of food groups, you will more easily meet your nutritional needs throughout the day.

A balanced lunch also gives you more variety of choices when packing your lunch and also when you are going to lunch because you have more choices at your fingertips. Simply by including items from each food group, you can potentially give yourself a variety of shapes, colors and flavors, which helps you stay enthusiastic about your lunch and not get caught up in boring lunch habits that don’t inspire you.

The peace of mind that a well-balanced lunch provides will ensure you’re going all afternoon. You may also find that you are less likely to snack on less desirable foods in the afternoon because you are more satisfied with your lunch.

While you may not be accustomed to eating from all food groups at lunch and have some doubts that you are eating too much, you may find that you eat high-calorie snacks and similar meals in the afternoon and evening. even in the evening after dinner you will be reduced because you are more satisfied with your lunch and this means your total calorie intake for the whole day will be reduced.

A balanced lunch also gives you creative freedom with so many potential colors, flavors and shapes that you’ll be amazed at what you can create from a balanced lunch if you take a little extra time to prepare it.

So, overall there are many reasons why a balanced lunch is so valuable. These things coupled with some good reasons why stopping for lunch is also worth it, as it sets you up for a great afternoon of productivity with the mind knowing you’ve had a well-balanced lunch.


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