Step by Step Guide to Attract Incoming Links Through Google News

There are several ways to get free traffic from Google News. And it’s important to note that you don’t have to be from CNN to get a lot of visitors from the site. For example, if I use the site command, to search for site content all you have to do is enter the rental site address in the search on the News site.

So this is what you do, just enter the website address and see how many pages from it are listed.

OK, a particular site might have 75 links. And it’s worth noting that Google only stores news articles as far as I’m concerned for the last 30 days. So there are 75 news articles from do it yourself sites from the last 30 days… and these sites depending on the industry niche, may list a blog with news and articles, and then obviously, they submit it, or they suggest to Google News that their site will became a good source of news, and Google later approved it.

So if your site is approved by Google as a news source, you can get a lot of traffic and lots of visitors from people who visit the news site. So having your highly optimized niche content listed on this site can earn you a lot of link popularity and inbound links from any of the top websites on the Internet.

If you want to submit your content to a site or find out if they will include your information, go to the home page, and scroll down to the bottom. The link you are interested in is “About Google News”. If you click on it, and it’s a fairly long page, scroll down.

You want to find a list that says “What if I don’t see my favorite news source on the site?” You can contact them here and suggest news sources. You want to click, “I want to recommend a news source.” So obviously, if your site has news and updates, and it might help if your site is industry specific rather than a general news site. So if you think your site is relevant to submit, there is absolutely no harm in suggesting it as a source of content. You have nothing to lose but gain everything in the form of link popularity and attracting more incoming links.

However, if you don’t have such a site at this time, it can be quite difficult to set up and update it regularly, and it’s likely that Google News will not approve the new site. . You know, of course, sites that have been around longer generally have more authority, so, you know, that might be something to keep in mind.

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